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About Fratun Meetings

Fratun Meetings is a perfect platform to network and learn from the leading academics, policymakers, and corporates. Fratun Meetings, the best conference organizer for researchers provides the best fit for the practical implementation of prospective solutions discussed at our conferences. 
We provide the best platform to academic researchers, young scientists, students, and business professionals across the world with its global conferences. We provide remarkable support and display notable professionalism throughout the duration of the conferences. We are absolutely sure that you will always have wonderful and multiple opportunities to collaborate with us and we assist you in extending your professional network in multiple ways than you have ever imagined!
We, the best conference organizer for researchers draw inspiration and learning from transformative thinkers, like-minded innovators, and leading leaders to push ourselves in managing the life-changing avenues. We design our conferences with an underlying objective of enhancing participant experience and always strive to ensure that all our conferences deliver the best service and superior quality.
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Future Conferences

2nd Edition of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine  

25-26 March 2024, Live Webinar on ZOOM | 9:00 GMT

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology  

28-29 March 2024, Live Webinar on ZOOM | 9:00 GMT

Material Science & Engineering  

22-23 March 2024, Dubai

Past Conferences

Neurology and Mental Disorders  

09-10, March 2022, Virtual Conference

Public Health and Healthcare Management  

09-10, March 2022, Virtual Conference

Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine   

07-08, March 2022, Virtual Conference

Biosensors & Bioelectronics  

24-25 August 2022, Live Webinar on ZOOM | 14:00 IST

Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering  

22-23 August 2022, Live Webinar on ZOOM | 9:00 GMT

Material Science and Engineering  

29-31 August 2022, Live Webinar on ZOOM | 14:00 IST

Dental and Oral Health  

08-09 May 2023, Live Webinar on ZOOM | 9:00 GMT

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics  

14 -15 August 2023, Live Webinar on ZOOM | 9:00 GMT

2nd Edition of Material Science and Engineering  

28-29 March 2023, Live Webinar on ZOOM | 9:00 GMT

Applied Science, Engineering and Technology  

09-10 February 2023, Live Webinar on ZOOM | 9:00 GMT

Renewable Energy and Sustainable Energy  

16-18 March 2023 , Live Webinar on ZOOM | 9:00 GMT

Mental Health and Illness  

23-25 January 2023, Live Webinar on ZOOM | 9:00 GMT

Orthopedics and Sports Medicine  

16-18 March 2023, Live Webinar on ZOOM | 9:00 GMT

Pharmaceutical Science and Drug Manufacturing  

22-23 March 2023, Live Webinar on ZOOM | 9:00 GMT

Our Features

Brilliance in ideas
High impact, collaborative and new approaches to some of the world’s toughest problems.

Global Speakers
As International Conference Organizers, we make you stay connected with the current trends by learning from powerful international speakers.

Global Audience
Showcase your latest research technologies / products in the event’s main area to reach broad international audience.

Inspirational Learning
Bringing together a community of researchers from multiple fields to collaborate together to create lasting change.
Exceptional Opportunities
Showcase your achievements and related findings to a vast base of global audience.

Professional Development
Building meaningful relationships can be the key to creating and nurturing meaningful partnerships as well as gaining credibility and trust.

Improved Skills and Knowledge
As the Best Seminar and Conference Organizers in India, we make you engage with the community, share insights, and learn about what’s coming next.
Focused Networking
Opportunities that allow you to connect with the potential clients & employees, virtual peers and vendors to expand your business with new collaborations.

We, the Professional Conference Organizer strongly believe that the scientific community is the true driving force of civilization. So it gives us an immense pleasure to serve them and we are immensely proud to work with them! We would like to make every event and conference a unique destination for the knowledge sharing and networking by providing a unique and comfortable atmosphere and heart-warming hospitality.

A vast subscribed and well categorized database of scientific community

A set of thorough guidelines from our own established organizing committee network

A team of committed experts having impeccable skill set to provide global level experience at the events

An aspiration to turn out as pioneers in the event organization sector with unbridled passion

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